3 New Yoshi Flower Videos to Jumpstart the ‘AMERICAN RAVER (LIVE)’ Tour Coming in February


Yoshi Flower graced the Hollywood Palladium as blackbear's opener on Nov. 28. With a crowd full of teenage girls with Blackbear signs, to groups of 20-something guys wearing button-ups, Yoshi Flower came out and shocked everyone with his unique vocals, guitar prowess, and swirl of electronic and rap. 

With his luscious ginger mane and his eclectic style, people took notice of Yoshi Flower amongst the four other blackbear openers. Now, Yoshi Flower is coming to a city near you, and he's ready to rave. His upcoming headlining tour, "AMERICAN RAVER (LIVE)" starts in Chicago and ends in San Francisco. He's set to fill these venues with his unprecedented and thought-provoking anthems. 

To complement his debut mixtape, AMERICAN RAVER, Flower has created visuals for each song as well. The visuals seem to portray several of America's flaws, such as woman being objectified and crime running rampant. Multi-faceted and brilliant, here are three videos (with two more on the way!) that incorporate powerful themes in a comedic way, a truly Yoshi Flower original:

"TO THE RAVE" is catchy, featuring soft R&B sounds and lyrics that would make Big Sean proud. The video for this song is the epitome of Flower's comedic lens. He comes to the door with flowers, wearing a shirt that says "America," and pleads with her to let him in. She lets him in and breaks out dancing, as if to get his attention. Instead, he just sleeps on the couch and talks about her butt, over and over again.

"OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" contains the best of Flower, his off-kilter, catchy beats and suspense-building melodies that bait you to keep listening. In the minute-long video of "OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," Flower is wearing a white shirt that has splotches of blood, holding closely a girl in a pink ski-mask. It looked to be a robbery gone wrong.

"AND TO THE MACHINE" is groovy and wraps you in Flower's web, with a seductive raspy, yet computerized voice. He incorporates background sounds, with telephone rings and electronic machine bits. The video for the song is an extension of "OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," as you see them standing up to the police, flashing peace signs covered in blood.

Catch the brilliant Yoshi Flower in a city near you:

Tues, Feb 5 Schubas Chicago, IL
Thurs, Feb 7 Deluxx Fluxx Detroit, MI
Sat, Feb 9 Zone One - Elsewhere Brooklyn,  NY
Weds, Feb 13 Moroccan Lounge Los Angeles, CA
Fri, Feb 22 Rickshaw Stop - Popscene San Francisco, CA