3 Nightly Lyrics That Will Leave You Wanting More


Indie-pop duo Nightly graced the Hollywood Palladium on Thursday, Nov. 9. Their combined energy made them the perfect hype men for the next act, Christian rapper NF. 

Playing crowd favorites such as "Faded," "Holding On," and mixing it up with some new songs, Nightly stunned the crowd with magnetic vocals, groovy dance moves, and catchy tunes. They asked their fans to put their lighters in the air for "XO," and little lights flickered all around the Palladium. Nightly had to cut their set short due to technical difficulties, leaving us wanting to hear more of their beautiful lyrics. 

Nightly has opened for the likes of The Struts, The Night Game, and K.Flay, and has risen to fame with their hit song "XO" receiving more than 8 million listens. Their new EP, The Sound of Your Voice, includes a multitude of pop masterpieces that echo nostalgia, leaving us with the need to listen to them over and over again.

For fans who were at the show, look no further for three Nightly lyrics that will drum up major nostalgia:

"It takes me back to windows down in ocean air
Sunset eyes through messy hair
I miss chasing down the morning light
And all those sleepless nights"

Nightly and ayokay's "Sleepless Nights" is a slow-tempo song that flows like the ocean, as you're carried by its sweet and salty melody. A summer anthem, listeners crave summer in the windy fall weather or in the dead of winter, leaving us wistful and lusting to be carefree.

"Deep green eyes and how they looked at mine
Polaroids of all those summer nights
Do you think of me too
There’s always a part of me that’s holding on to you"

The 80's synths of Nightly's "Holding On," combined with pensive lyrics could be in a John Hughes movie, with a current techno twist. Nightly shakes you into this retro melody with words that feel reminiscent of your past heartbreaks. But Nightly still holds on and thinks about the old times with a sense of wonder and remembrance.

"You haunt me like a phantom
I sing you like an anthem
Coming for you every night"

This haunting melody starts out by lingering and carrying lyrics gracefully, and then picks up and makes us want to groove to the pop synths and louder vocals. The moment of the build-up is when the singer comes to terms with his loss, and knows that al he can do is simply reminisce.