3 Unconventional Places To Find Music This Summer

It’s not like you need to be a music blogger or have an active SoundCloud account to be exposed to new tunes. Basically, a consumer-oriented mentality suffices. 

3. Television Shows: Suits

If you're into legal dramas and sass, chances are you do or should watch Suits. It's probably one of the USA Network series based on content and character alone, but its track list is equally impressive. I watch it because I'm into the aforementioned category, but so far this season (three episodes in - it's a summer series), I've frantically recited the lyrics of background songs that are supposed to elevate the mood of a scene with the intent of Googling the songs later.

Some of the best so far:

Junip - "After All Is Said and Done"

The Antlers - "Corsicana"

Tycho - "Spectre"

Suits isn't the only one, so listen past than the dialogue, or stay attuned while watching montage scenes during your favorite show.

2. Commercials

Go ahead and mute them if they're trying to be funny or clever, but commercials without dialogue require a soundtrack and they snag some of the catchiest and entrancing tunes to help sell their products. (Case in point: Mark Foster of Foster The People started out as a commercial jingles writer). Right now Phantogram can be heard on Gillette and Arctic Monkeys are on Bacardi. Tegan and Sara did an Oreo's commercial and Fiona Apple covered "Pure Imagination" from "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" for Chipotle.

Oh, and don't forget Passenger's "Let Her Go" on that precious Super Bowl Budweiser commercial that shows the bond between a horse and a puppy.

More often than not, the bands in these ads are looking for a leg up in the market. I mean, it worked for Passion Pit, Black Keys, Portugal. The Man, and Vampire Weekend, right? Keep your ears open.

1. Indie Movies

A good indie movie can catapult any band to fame. See: Temper Trap in "(500) Days of Summer" with their hit "Sweet Disposition." (That film is also largely responsible for the resurgence of Hall & Oates among the youth due to its use of "Make My Dreams.")

So far this summer, "Palo Alto" starring James Franco highlights some of the best. With Jason Schwartzman's Coconut Records, the offbeat Mac DeMarco and multiple tracks by Blood Orange, this album nods at some of indie's most deserving. 

By Alexa Girkout