4 Tall Heights Lyrics That Will Make You Believe in Love


With their handsome looks and equally attractive voices, we can't help but fall in love with the indie-duo Tall Heights. The talented pair, comprising Paul Wright and Tim Harrington, released their brand new album, Pretty Colors For Your Actions, on Oct. 5. The new album showcases Tall Heights' rich, beautiful synths and nature-inspired hymns. We are enamored with their lyrics that serenade us and talk about the struggles and challenges of love. But Tall Heights convinces us that love's still out there, and here are 4 lyrics to hold on to when you're afraid that romance isn't in the cards.

Oh, up, love, save,
Wait for me, desperate loyal
Open up your mind to me
Don't burn the midnight oil

This lyric is from "Midnight Oil," a tune that starts slow and steady but builds and begins to pick up with the chorus. This song is about someone that yearns for intimacy with their lover, wanting them to open up and come to bed after a long day.

Gotta find, gotta find, gotta find my style
Get atop, get atop with the stop and smile
See I've got eyes for a lady lately

"The Deep End," one of the singles from Pretty Colors For Your Actions, is a catchy jam with a head-bobbing drum beat and infectious guitar solo – the perfect California-summer anthem to blast while you roll your windows down. This uptempo song tells us about a man with immense feelings, so he delves deeper and deeper into his love affair. He has to whip himself up into shape because he wants his relationship to work.

Drinking out on the fire escape
I remember you looked my way
When my senses begin to fade
I'll remember you looked my way

The slow, indie song "Fire Escape" explores the sensations you feel when you make sincere connections, and about the unforgettable vignettes of falling in love. This electronic song reminded me oddly of M83. It reminds us that you can make an impression in a way you never knew possible.

White frost on the horizon
I once covered our heart
Having no even temper confided
I bare the loss

This lyric is from "White Frost," a song could be easily be a slow dance at a wedding. It beautifully conveys a raw aching for love and connections. Tall Heights takes us to new heights with "White Frost" and all the songs off the new album, containing a vast depth and sentimentality.

Tall Heights truly engages its audience and soothes our worries about love. They have generated over 130M streams worldwide, and now are on a 30 city headline tour. Catch Tall Heights in a city near you!