5 Ones To Watch Acts To Catch at FYF Fest

This weekend, thousands of Angelenos and some lucky out-of-towners will descend on downtown Los Angeles for the 10th annual FYF Fest. While the historic festival will see the reunion of acts like The Blood Brothers and The Strokes - we’re rooting for several Ones To Watch acts who will be out there. 

Mariachi El Bronx 

You hear about artists playing under different monikers all the time - but it’s rare the entire band stays intact when assuming a new soundform. Such were the circumstances when L.A. punk band the Bronx, known for their high intensity live shows, were asked to play an acoustic set and decided to take it one step further, challenging themselves to play music completely outside their norm. The resulting band, Mariachi El Bronx, is a thrilling take on mariachi that proves, more than anything, the group’s got musical dexterity in its DNA. While Mariachi El Bronx is playing Satruday, watch out for their alter egos, the Bronx on Sunday. 

Twin Peaks 

Chicago rock outfit Twin Peaks have also got dexterity bagged to a T. Combining guitar-driven psychedelia with the error margin of a garage band, the young group is full of loose energy and genuine rocker charm that, along with an iced coffee, marks the perfect way to ease into the long night on Sunday. 

Benjamin Booker

At Ones To Watch, nothing excites us more than experiencing a new act that’s been on our radar live for the first time. Earlier this week, we proclaimed our affections for Tampa-based musician Benjamin Booker, whose fiery guitar playing sent our bodies into violent shakes upon first listen. Here’s hoping he will live up to the hype that Jack White incited (we have a feeling he will). 

Les Sins

Alas, we will be cutting our time at Benjamin Booker short to see Les Sins, the recent project of Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bundick who has been recording new dance music under the moniker over the last few years. This week, Bundick announced Les Sins’ first album Michael will be released November 4 via Company Records. As much as it pains us - leaving Booker’s set a little early is entirely justifiable because Les Sins’ recent releases have promised us dance beats we can’t say no to. 

Man Man 

Philly alt-electronic quartet Man Man, purveyors of experimental big band sounds and the first band to use a sousaphone in a long while to our knowledge, are sure to bring many instruments and armfuls of energy to FYF as their stage history has proven. As they play an early set, Man Man’s energy will serve you well for the next 2 days.