5 Predictions For Vic Mensa’s Upcoming “There’s A Lot Going On” Tape


Vic Mensa is finally ready to drop some new music for the masses. Vic took to Instagram earlier this week to announce his upcoming mixtape There's A Lot Going On. The Save Money crew is on a roll as this announcement comes on the heels of the release Chance the Rapper's record-setting free album Coloring Book and Joey Purp's debut project, iiiDrops

As the below picture may suggest, Vic is almost done with his debut album Traffic. We hope thats the case. Our logic makes us think that he has a bunch of great music recorded that might not fit the sound or vibe of the album so he's going to release them on the tape.

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With no release date for either the mixtape or the album, we have to wait (impatiently) until he decides to give us some more information (or music, that would be great too). In the meantime, we did our own research and came up with some predictions for what you can expect on the upcoming There's A Lot Going On tape. 

1. Political Statements Will Be Made

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One thing Vic has in common with his big homie Kanye West is that he is going to speak his mind. You can tell by the striking album cover depicting Vic as a shooting target that he has some things to get off his chest. Whether its shining a light through Instagram on the side effects of Obama's foreign policy, sending shots at Spike Lee for exploiting violence in Chicago, or helping raise money for Flynt's water crisis (shown above), Vic has opinions and will make sure you know what they are. 

2. There May Be A Cover Or Two

Last summer, Vic Mensa debuted his cover of Future's "Codeine Crazy" at Pitchfork Music Festival. He then performed it again a few days later in NYC at Peter Rosenberg's annual concert Peterpalooza (seen in the clip above). A few days later, he released a CDQ version of the cover titled Codeine Crazy (Icarus Story). More recently at this year's Sasquatch Festival, he performed a cover of the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army." With his musical inspirations ranging from Nirvana to Jay-Z to Weezer to Kanye, who knows what he'll cover and record next. 

3. Production Will Be Next Level

Vic has always had a great ear for production. From his work with Kids These Days to his breakout project The Innanetape, the production was always tight. Within the past year, Vic has done songs with some of music's biggest producers including Kanye West, Skrillex, Flume, Kaytranada, and Mr. Carmack to name a few. Mix that with some home team production from Chicago's Stefan Ponce (produced Vic's "Down On My Luck"), and you can guarantee the production on this project and the Traffic album is going to be equally impressive and progressive.

4. Features, Features, Features


In a recent interview with Clash Magazine, Vic stated that there will be no features on Traffic so that makes us wonder. Whether he's in the studio with Kanye, Weezer, or Gorillaz, he's definitely doing some collaborations. If they're not going on his album, that leaves a lot of room for a few of those features to end up on the tape. At the very least, we should see an appearance or two from one of his Save Money cohorts or new homies at Roc Nation.

5. There Will Be a Kids These Days Reunion Track

We actually have no facts or evidence to back up this prediction but damn, it would be amazing. Maybe we're stuck in the past but there's something about the rawness of Vic on tracks like "Don't Harsh My Mellow" that we just love. We're all for artistic maturation but sometimes an artist's early work will always be special to you. 

Vic's There's A Lot Going On could be out as soon as this Friday but sadly its not confirmed. In the meantime, get ready for a #SaveMoneySummer by listening to his latest collaboration with Joey Purp below.