5 Reasons You Absolutely Need to See BAYNK Live


DJ, producer, songwriter, and singer BAYNK has risen considerably in the last couple years. His eclectic mix of refreshing melodies have amassed millions of hits, including almost 19 million streams on Spotify for "What You Need." I recently had the chance to catch him at The Echo in Los Angeles, and if you haven't seen him yet, I'd suggest keeping your eyes peeled for upcoming shows. Here's why you need to attend a BAYNK show: 

1.) He has incredible energy.

At this point, I've seen a lot of DJs live, and I can say without a doubt that this is the most I've seen a DJ dance around, quite clearly fully immersed in his music. Personally, nothing makes me happier than knowing that an artist is just as excited and happy to be there as the crowd is, and his obvious enjoyment and comfortability onstage was an invite to be just as carefree. BAYNK's energy is undeniably infectious, and his vibrancy is clearly translated into the liveliness of the crowd, as not a single person was seen standing still.  

2.) He sings.

One thing I admittedly wasn't expecting was just how beautiful BAYNK's voice is. I'd known that he sang on a few of his songs, which isn't uncommon for producers, but hearing his smooth, buttery voice live was a pleasant surprise. If BAYNK wasn't already a multitalented DJ, producer, and songwriter, he could've probably just been a singer. Yet, this still isn't where his talents end, which brings me to my next point…

3.) He plays the saxophone too.

As if his DJing, singing, and contagious dance moves weren't enough already, BAYNK is also a talented saxophonist. Once again, I was simultaneously surprised and impressed when he suddenly brought out his saxophone and performed a few funky solos with it. Shows where DJs incorporate live instrumentals always seem to be the most memorable for me (think ODESZA and Big Wild) since it adds a little something extra to the average DJ mix.


4.) He brings all the feels.

The selection of songs BAYNK played ranged from upbeat feel-good jams to more slowed down emotive songs. When he played my favorite track of his, "Years," there was a calming shift in the audience and I was all in my feels. The scope of BAYNK's music, and his ability to take the crowd on a journey of different emotions throughout his set is a talent in itself.

5.) He attracts a fun crowd.

Nothing kills a concert more than a grumpy crowd or people shoving around, only caring about reaching the front. Alternatively, one of the best feelings is when you attend a concert and everyone is smiling, dancing, and bonding over the experience of seeing one of their favorite artists live. Because BAYNK's energy is so irresistible, it made for one of the most fun crowds I've been a part of, and that was the icing on the cake to an already amazing show.

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