5 Things You Should Know About BANKS


It’s all been heard before: broken hearts make great musicians - and yet, somehow, an artist named BANKS has managed to twist that age-old formula of heartache and songwriting in and over itself, creating a sound that’s startlingly, unforgettably original. You only need listen to a mere five seconds of her debut EP, LONDON, to sense this. It’s forcibly prominent on one of our favorite takeaways, “Bedroom Wall” (listen below), where the question she candidly murmurs plays itself firmly into the epicenter of mind and soul. Like an industrial flame, she’s a cold burn, which is why BANKS is the latest addition to our featured artists page. You may have already heard of her as the cryptic songstress who Canadian R&B maestro The Weeknd hand-picked as support on his fall U.S. tour. If not, get to know her below. 

5. Before she became a musician, she was a psychology student who wrote her thesis on children of divorced families. 

4. Prior to jumping into a fall tour with The Weeknd in September, she performed live as BANKS for the first time this summer in London. 

3. She trained herself to play music on a toy keyboard - at age 15. 

I still don’t know what chords I’m playing, like A or A minor, any of that, I have no idea. I literally just taught myself by ear.” - Banks, Interview Magazine

2. She lists her phone number on her Facebook page. This is not a joke, boys. 

1. During her childhood, people questioned why she sounded like a chain smoker. Luckily, she didn’t let this get to her.

Hooked yet? Check out BANKS’ artist page on our blog for the full scoop.