5 Tips For Up & Coming Producers [INDUSTRY INFILTRATION]


Hi my name is Tim Suby. I live in LA, and sometimes I make songs. Most recently a handful of people know me for executive producing the debut Jessie Reyez EP Kiddo, as well as her most recent release, Being Human In Public. I also did some pretty cool stuff with Travis Scott this year ("COFFEE BEAN" on Astroworld) as well as Eminem (title track, "Kamikaze"). In the past, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a few other cool people like Childish Gambino ("Candler Road"), Jaden Smith ("Falcon"), Grandson, and some others. 

Also I must mention it’s super weird to write this bio in first person. For some reason, Ones To Watch thinks I’m cool enough to give you guys my 5 rules for up and coming producers (thank you guys so much!). I definitely still consider myself in that category but I’ll give it a go anyhow! 

1. Practice, Practice, Practice.

I strongly believe practice may not make perfect, but it’ll get you as close as possible. Normally, I try to set aside few hours a day to play my upright bass. I just want to make sure I do something every day to get better and be the best possible version of myself I can. It also helps me to get out of my head when I’m stuck on something or blocked.


2. Make balance a priority.

As ambitious people, we all get tunnel vision trying to attain a placement, feature, whatever the aim is at the moment. It can get unhealthy. I try to make sure I’m making time for something other than music, once a day, once a week, whatever you’re comfortable with. Success is absolutely important, but so is family, friends, and your mental health.


3. Be a student of the game.

I do my best to always be learning. We live in a time where there is no shortage of information. I love hearing about how other producers make it in their career, getting varying opinions on the latest releases, watching interviews, YouTube tutorials, whatever. I just think it’s super vital to take in as much as possible and keep growing.


4. Collaborate!

I love co-producing! Everyone’s mind is different, no two people approach an idea the same way and more often than not, that creates the craziest energy and music. Also, as you’re coming up talking to other producers who are on their way up too can be very validating; we’re going through a lot of the same challenges. This game certainly isn’t easy, and it helps to know you’re not alone.

5. Never quit and trust your gut.

I believe talent is half the battle; the other half is persistence. A lot of the time, you’re not going to be able to see the end game, but you still have to keep going. Trust your instincts. We hear a lot of no’s in this industry, most people don’t want to start a fire – they want to throw gas on one that’s already burning. Surround yourself with people who believe in you from the beginning, but most importantly make sure that YOU always believe in you. All that being said, I’m still figuring this whole thing out too, so what do I know?