6 ‘Lost’ EP Verses That Showcase Brent Faiyaz’ Dense Writing Ability

Brent Faiyaz took the country by storm last year with the release of his independent album debut, Sonder Son. Prior to its release, the Baltimore-based singer-songwriter released a sporadic set of singles, an EP, and became the lead vocalist for Sonder, a trio of two producers and Faiyaz. 

Brent Faiyaz' newest EP, Lost, maps his journey from the first time we met him until now. The six-track, 19-minute narrative details his growing self-awareness as a black man in this world, newfound fame, self-reliance, questionable decisions and loyalty. Focusing on the six most impactful verses from the EP we take a deeper look at Faiyaz' writing ability.

"Why'z It So Hard"

"Don't test, them bullets might press / Why they wanna see me dead? I ain't even grown yet? / Baby, you got too much to offer / That's prolly why they want you in a coffin / Baby you're too young to sink it all in / Damn"

Brent begins his EP with a stark open-ended question on race in America. This is the first time we have heard Brent delve into racial injustices in our society and as he continues to grow and mature, he, like many other artists, is using his platform to share his experiences and shine a light on a systemic problem.

"Came Right Back"

"Pick up the phone, and I'ma slide / I never want to be that guy / You still talk about me a lot / I ain't never home, I like to ride / Used to have to stand outside / Now you hate the fact that I'm hot"

Fame comes with a price, and Brent is clearly paying that price as he details the attitude shift of former friends and lovers. Pinpointing a nameless antagonist that resents his newfound fame, Brent addresses the constant belittlement of his character.


"Hood fame, everybody know my name when / I come through / But don't nobody scream it like you / I was having visions with you / Doing thangs, switching lanes in the beamer / With you / And swimming in deep water / Save me from my sorrows / Swimming in deep / Just some peace is all I need / So why can't I get that for free?"

The new digital age we live in is clearly a weight that Faiyaz has been bearing over the talented vocalist. The easy accessibility of personal information is described in this verse. The mounting fear of privacy is a catalyst to Brent's trust issues, fearing the worse with every person he meets.

"Around Me"

"I don't give a damn about them / I'ma do me / And if I had to choose, me or you? / I'd choose me"

Championing his self-reliance, Brent Faiyaz is honest about his feelings towards compromise. Whether pertaining to his music career or personal life, Faiyaz knows what he wants and is always making the decision to put himself first.


"Why you acting like you got no options? / Everybody knows that you a star / Why you make it look like you so rotten? / Everyone is troubled in the dark"

Reassuring himself that the troubles and doubts he feels are common and natural, Faiyaz addresses his decision making. Living with the repercussions of his actions and learning to move on from them this verse is rooted in growth.

"Target On My Chest"

"I don't do this for no thangs / I don't do this for no chains / I don't do this for no change (I love y'all) / I don't do it for no rings / I just do this shit cause I can / Yeah"

Being an independent R&B artist in today's current landscape is not a common feat. Sticking to his guns, Faiyaz is determined to succeed on his terms. As he expresses his love for his fans and purpose behind his career, we can safely assume Brent is going to continue doing things his own wa