6 Ones to Catch at CRSSD’s Fall 2017 Festival


CRSSD Festival debuted in the spring of 2015 to a sold-out crowd at San Diego's beautiful Waterfront Park. In the few years since its explosion into the festival scene, it has grown immensely into a must-attend showcasing of some of the best talent across a wide range of electronic music genres, from house to nu disco - it's all there. 

September 30 marks CRSSD's 2017 Fall Festival and the sixth edition of the bi-yearly music festival, and, once again, the lineup has not failed to impress. Headlining the festival are Australian indie-electronic trio RÜFÜS DU SOL/RÜFÜS and Canadian electro-funk powerhouses Chromeo, along with a host of veritable talent, including Ones To Watch alumni Broods. In honor of the upcoming sixth edition of CRSSD, we handpicked our six ones to catch at 2017's CRSSD Fall Festival.



Elohim's entrance into the music world in 2015 was undeniably enigmatic, adopting a stage name that's defined as the Hebrew word for God and performing behind a series of animal masks, an air of mystery shrouded the artist. Yet, despite this mysterious stage presence and anonymity, Elohim's music very well refuses to linger in anonymity, as her dreamy electro-pop numbers demanded to be heard. Elohim's active range of experimentation with electronic production, from the haunting "Xanax" to the neon-lit, party-ready anthem "She Talks Too Much," earned her the attention of both festivals and notable producers. From playing Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Lightning in a Bottle to working alongside Moon Boots and Wethan, Elohim has proven herself as a rising fixture in the electronic scene.

Mura Masa


Photo: Ewen Spencer

Alex Crossan, Mura Masa, has been making waves since his debut EP, Someday Somewhere, was self-released on Soundcloud in 2015. The years following this initial bout of viral success would see internet tastemakers and cool kids begging for an official full-length release that would not come until Mura Masa's self-titled debut studio album, Mura Masa, in 2017. Mura Masa would showcase Crossan's talent for transforming London's diversity into an expressive collage of sound. Arguably, what is most interesting about Mura Masa is the way in which he frames young and rising talent in a light that allows them fully express themselves sonically, such as Bonzai and Tom Tripp on the split single "Nuggets/helpline," or NAO who has risen alongside Mura Masa in large parts due to the success of their original breakout internet single "Firefly."



The London-based Toph Taylor, SOHN, combines the world of soulful songwriting and electronic musicianship to an artistically impressive degree. Utilizing abstract electronic beats and looping lyrics, SOHN's unique brand of downtempo electronic music is structurally disjointed and staccato in nature yet undeniably melodic. In addition to releasing sorrowful and insightful electronic creations, SOHN has proved himself to be a multifaceted talent, producing and working alongside artists such as Aquilo, Banks, Kwabs, Lana Del Rey, and Rhye. SOHN's music may at first listen appear as a relative outlier compared to the rest of the CRSSD lineup, but therein lies the strengths of both CRSSD as a festival and SOHN as an artist. Through an active exploration of the emotive elements possible through electronic production, SOHN has managed to craft a sound quite like no other, and CRSSD has allowed a stage for that talent to shine.



The LA-based duo behind the electronic dance project Phantoms may not at first be what you expect. Comprised of former teenage actors Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pergola, the two found themselves entering the world of electronic music production when the duo first began to experiment with learning to play and produce in 2007. Despite their relatively unorthodox beginnings, Phantoms is a project that feels authentic and genuine through and throughout. The production and instrumentation utilized is interesting and evocative of an early RÜFÜS DU SOL - couple that with stunning features from the likes of VÉRITÉ and Grace Mitchell, as well as working alongside disco legend Giorgio Moroder, and Phantoms more than speaks for themselves.  



Ethan Snoreck, the producer behind Whethan, very well may be the very definition of an electronic wunderkind. Snoreck first developed a rabid online fanbase, before even hitting 18, thanks to his massive remix of Mssingo's "XE3," which currently boasts nearly 10-million plays on Soundcloud. Snoreck would soon enough find himself at the center of the electronic dance music scene. It was only a matter of time until the scene's giants picked up on the rising star's obvious talents, with Skrillex being a noted fan and Flux Pavillion joining Whethan on the absolute banger that is "Savage." Recent releases from Whethan have seen him foregoing his original bass-heavy futuristic sound for the more relaxed, chill vibe seen on tracks like "Sleepy Eyes" and "Good Nights," which have served as the absolute perfect soundtrack for our summer.

Hotel Garuda


Hotel Garuda may have only three official studio releases to their name - the three of which mind you are reason enough to check out their set - but one look behind the scenes illustrates the depth of talent hiding behind Hotel Garuda. Comprised of producer and DJ duo Manila Kill and Candle Weather, the two have already had found a range of success within the online music scene, not to mention the impressive amount of official remixes that the duo have put out for heavyweights such as Kaskade, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, and Chromeo. Whether it be remixes, landing consecutive #1s on Hype Machine, or even producing their own material, it feels like Hotel Garuda can do it all and will surely bring this all alive on stage when they hit San Diego's Waterfront Park.