6 Reasons to See Pale Waves Live


Pale Waves played the Troubadour on March 26 to a sold out, hyper-engaged crowd. This burgeoning band has amassed a passionate group of fans and left everyone in attendance wanting more. So, we narrowed it down to six reasons to see Pale Waves live, featuring the highlights of their set list: 

The New Sound

Pale Waves has a distinct sound in all of their recordings, but their live show is a bit more natural. Lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie's voice is fuller and more pure. It's a real treat to enjoy their music a little more stripped down than usual.

"I don’t even know what I’m doing here, Why won’t you just tell me?"

The One-Liners

The band played for under an hour, but didn't waste any time between songs. Heather paused between each song for a simple one-liner. First, "This next song is about being 18 and in love" before the track, "Eighteen," and, later "Let's get emo" before the song, "The Obsession."

"I’ll stay awake to make sure that you never break."


The Like-Minded Fans

Yes, the unofficial dress code called for dark clothes, colored hair and a choker, but the Pale Waves fans have another common theme: they are incontestably kind to one another. These concert-goers were passionate, yet not possessive, and came together to enjoy music that inspires them with respect for everyone else in the crowd.

"Shoulda dyed or changed my hair, is it the clothes I wear?"

The Dance Moves

Do you love Pale Waves's video for "Heavenly?" Heather busts out her ghoulish, marionette choreography on stage.

"We can dance forever and pretend, I wanna, I wanna stay ‘til the end."


The Sing-Alongs

Pale Waves fans know the lyrics and they sing them proudly. The loudest was "New Year's Eve," a popular track off of the band's new EP, All These Things I’ve Never Said.

"It was New Year’s Eve, there’s too much noise. I could barely hear my own voice."

The Cathartic, Emotional Release

There's a reason live music is therapy for some. At a Pale Waves show, it's all emo and it feels great.

"I know my heart is killing you, killing you. I can’t help it."