6 Times A.CHAL Flexes His Versatility On His New EP, ‘EXOTIGAZ’


Alejandro Chal, better known as A.CHAL, is a Peruvian-born, Queens-raised artist with the ability to infuse his roots into a blend of R&B, hip-hop and pop. Recently releasing his latest EP, EXOTIGAZ, A.CHAL looks to tease listeners with a bite-sized appetizer before releasing his full-length album. The six-track EP is a dynamic display of his artistry, highlighting his ability to craft songs for any mood or setting.

A wide array of production lays the groundwork for an impressive display from A.CHAL who is known for his GAZI brand of music. Implementing his own flavor into popular genres, Chal succeeds in highlighting his versatile ability as an artist. After listening to the EP over the weekend we compiled a list of six moments that showcase A.CHAL flexing his versatile artistry.

1. His Bilingual Opening Verse on 'TYPE'

A.CHAL starts off his EP hard and fast. Miami club-style production from Count Justice sets up Chal for a lively entrance. His opening verse is an effortless flex of his ability to structure hard-hitting bilingual verses. The song transports you to the hot and humid, neon-lit clubs of Miami. The lead track clearly proves Chal's ability to create a sweaty and sexy club anthem.

2. Oozing Swag on "DÉJALO"

The second track of the EP finds A.CHAL in familiar territory. Ominous bass-driven production sets the stage for Chal's natural smoky vocal ability to shine. Hugging the beat, A.CHAL allows the production to lead, adding his subtle GAZI flavor when needed. Flexing his foresight, A.CHAL boasts his rapidly growing career with unapologetic confidence. It's clear A.CHAL can hang with the best of them.

3. "INDIGO GIRL," A Melancholy Love Story

Slowing things down halfway through the EP, A.CHAL reminds listeners of his ability to create melancholy love ballads. Utilizing a simple break-beat, Chal warns the song's love interest about his issues with commitment and the possible unintentional change they may experience. A.CHAL finds himself completely transparent on the heart-breaking ballad, allowing us to see the softer side of the R&B phenom.  

4. '000000' Is an Undeniable Hit

Latin trap and reggaetón have found their way into the mainstream with major acts like Cardi B and Drake adopting the style. A.CHAL has one up on the competition. Catering to the trending style, he creates a Latin crossover with a GAZI twist all on his own, no feature needed. The infectious track showcases Chal's strong songwriting and ability to create a chart topper that has us ready for Summer.  


5. The Electrified Spanish Guitar On "EXOTICA"

Staying true to the title and theme of the song, A.CHAL creates a bright, stadium-ready banger. Subtle undertones of reggaetón are layered under a Spanish guitar that sets the foundation for an energetic verse from Chal. If this instrumentation is any indication of his upcoming album we are eagerly waiting. Any ill-conceived ideas that Chal isn't multifaceted should be shattered by now.

6. Energized Pop Bounce on "PUMP FAKE"

Electro-pop production showcases a previously unknown facet of Chal's creativity. The song is another subtle display of confidence from A.CHAL who swags his way through the bouncy production. The closing track seals the EP, cementing his ability to create a wide spectrum of moods, a facet held by few and far in-between, making EXOTIGAZ truly special.