7 Ones To Know If You Love Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey made a serious impact when she arrived on the scene. From her break out single, "Video Games," to her haunting ballad "Young & Beautiful," all the way up to her recent summer bop album Lust For Life, the dark pop queen has led us on a series of emotional rollercoasters from with every new left-of-center release. Crowning her as one of the first creators of the dark pop scene we've fallen in love with, she's used her unique sound and specialized songwriting ability to launch the genre as the perfect landscape for escapism and hip hop collaborations.

In preparation for Lana Del Rey's sixth studio album Norman Fucking Rockwell set for release on March 29, 2019, we're giving you some "Lana-like" staples to fall in love with. These are seven artists you should know if you're a fan of Lana Del Rey and a fun little playlist to feel high by the beach.


London-based singer-songwriter CLOVES is one we will admit we've fallen hard for. Born Kaity Dunstan, the Australian songstress has infected all of our hearts with illustrious melodies and haunting vocals. After dropping out of high school at 16, Dunstan never lost sight of music as her number one driver. Her debut album One Big Nothing is a prime example of her ability to challenge herself and demonstrates Dunstan's musical maturity like never before. She blessed us with a performance on our New York rooftop back in November, and we're still recovering.

Donna Missal

Don't mess with fiery pop princess Donna Missal. Crafting songs on the theme of heartbreak, betrayal, and deception, Missal has posed herself as a force to be reckoned with. The New Jersey native delivers on a number of levels in her music. From serious vocal performances to a tantalizing stage presence, Donna Missal is a flame about to light up the scene. Her debut album, This Time, caters to her emotional sensitivity and raw talent, establishing her as an essential artist to watch.


With a sound that's both familiar and foreign, comforting and distant, Wet represents a bold reflection of varying emotions. As the bi-coastal effort between Kelly Zutrau, Martin Sulkow and Joe Valle, their self-titled EP is a rush of joy, reflection, and humor, followed by two spectacular full-length albums. With vocalist Kelly Zutrau taking hold of the creative reigns, Wet uses relatable lyrics and simple production to draw you in to their music to leave you on the floor surrounded by your own feels.

Grace Carter

Grace Cater is one of those artists you just instantly know is going to leave a lasting impact. After growing up in a small seaside town in the UK and being raised by her single mother, Carter found solace in writing at a young age. Using it as a coping mechanism to deal with her absent father, confront her deepest fears, and pursuing her biggest dreams, Carter's music is a melancholy blend of R&B/pop infused melodies. Lana Del Rey even attended her first performance in LA, so if she's a fan, you have to be!

Conan Gray

First starting his career on Youtube with his youthful and vibrant creativity in 2013, Conan Gray has gone on to sell out shows across the country and rack up millions of streams with his fresh sound and relatable music. Facing bullying at a young age, Gray decided to channel his childhood demons into creative content that fostered a charming community. With his ambient reverbs and mid tempo songs, Conan Gray conveys a sense of dark purity similar to Lana Del Rey's. 


Chamber pop and indie musician LAUREL is best known for writing, producing, and recording all of her own music. Born Laurel Arnell-Cullen, the musical triple threat is an unstoppable force raved about on platforms such as BBC Radio, Beats 1, and Spotify. The dynamic songstress showcases her irresistibly haunting vocals and fiery sound with every track. All of these characteristics surely make her an undeniable true talent.


Self-described "introspective electronica" trio Vaults have their own mysterious allure. Consisting of vocalist and lyricist Blythe, producer Ben, and instrumentalist Barney, these three create illustrious downbeat tunes that combine waves of exquisite production and descriptive lyrics. Their notoriety first started when they racked up over 100,000 plays in one week on their song "Cry No More" on SoundCloud. Though Vaults tend to keep things under wraps and intriguing when it comes to identifying themselves, they deliver beautiful music to do the talking for them.