7 Ones To Know If You’re a Fan of The 1975


The 1975 is a sophisticated pop outfit who exploded onto the scene in 2012, with their single "Sex." Fronted by Matt Healy, the British band quickly followed up the initial success of "Sex" with their sprawling self-titled debut album, 2013's The 1975. The band's amalgamation of glistening new wave, indie rock, and synth-pop, all bound together by their poetic and sensuous alternative lyricism made them an instant hit. Since their debut, they have racked up hundreds of millions of plays on Spotify, played sold-out shows and festivals across the world, and released their highly acclaimed sophomore outing, 2016's I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.

2018 saw the return of The 1975, with the release of "Give Yourself a Try," the lead single from the band's one of two forthcoming albums - the first being A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships due out in October and Notes On A Conditional Form due out in May of 2019. While we cannot wait for what is sure to be the release of two more phenomenal albums, it is quite some time until October and even longer until May. So, for all those The 1975 fans who are wondering what to listen to until then, we hand-picked some artists who you are sure to love.



Chances are if you're a fan of The 1975, then you're already a fan of LANY. If you aren't already, then let us proudly present to you your next obsession. The indie-pop trio first stirred up a veritable fan-frenzy with the release of "ILYSB," off their self-titled debut album, 2017's LANY. Since then, the trio has kept the fans aflame with captivating live performances at festivals around the country, a Ones To Watch presented tour, and hinting at the beautifully well-constructed indie pop that is on the horizon. The band is currently busy in the studio working on their sophomore album, so if there was ever a time to get to know LANY, it's now.



flor - a name taken from the Portuguese word for flower - is a band ready for a super bloom. Despite originating from the small town of Hood River, Oregon, the quartet's sound emanates with a quality one would expect to find in a band steeled by the world's most famous cities - New York, Los Angeles, Paris, take your pick. But perhaps that may just be what accounts for some of flor's characteristic charm. Their radiant, effervescent brand of synth-pop makes for a listening experience that is a great time no matter what city you may find yourself in. Then there's also the fact that flor demonstrated that they are as charming as they are talented during their All Eyes On performance.

Pale Waves


Pale Wave's gothic aesthetic may lend itself more to a band like the Cure or Siouxsie and the Banshees, but one listen to the band's shimmering synth-pop tells another story. The Manchester-based quartet does draw from the synth-laden eras of '80s new wave but presents it in a modern pop-minded context for an experience that spans generations. Then there's the fact that band was first discovered and produced by fellow labelmates, The 1975. The band is currently working towards a debut album due out later this year, but until then you can enjoy their spectacular debut EP, ALL THE THINGS I NEVER HAD. Oh, and did we mention they are a band not to miss live?

No Rome


No Rome has put out one official single to date, "Do It Again." It's safe to say that the amount of promise showed by this Philippines-based artist must be something special for him to end up on this list with just one single. The young artist has been championed as the muse for frontman of the 1975, Matt Healy. The creative appreciation goes both ways, with Rome working on production for The 1975's new music and Healy producing the debut EP for Rome. While much else can't be said on the promising artist, go ahead and take ours and Healy's word for it. No Rome is bound to do big things in the world of pop and beyond.

fickle friends


England's fickle friends has played over 500 festivals and shows. So, it's safe to say that when it comes to the world of indie pop, this is a band that knows what they are doing. For instance, take the quintet's recent debut album, You Are Someone Else. The album is a collection of feel-great pop songs that still manage to touch upon deep, emotional states of being, such as feeling worthless, toxic relationships, and mental health. Beyond being a superb collection of indie-pop with a message, You Are Someone Else feels like the only thing that fickle friends were previously missing - a cohesive display of their full talents.



Photo: Hunter Airheart

When one thinks of Nashville, Tennessee, country and rock come readily to mind - not immaculately crafted indie pop. Yet, expectations exist to broken. Enter COIN, the four-piece indie outfit who formed while studying at Belmont University, and have since gone on to continuously defy expectations. Their infectious, high-energy brand of electronic-infused indie pop has earned them both critical acclaim and much fanfare over the course of two must-listen albums, 2015's eponymous COIN and 2017's How Will You Know If Never Try. As proud presenters of their recent US tour, we can say with that 100% certainty that the high-energy nature of their music translates over to their live performance.

Sundara Karma


Photo: Anna Maria Lopez

"I think it's still evolving. I think that's what we can hope for - that each day, you get a little bit less shit," opens up Sundara Karma in an interview we conducted with the band over a year ago. The British indie rock group all too well described the desire to continually evolve as artists, and it is one they have been clearly undertaking as the band prepares to release new music. Until the inevitable release of their sophomore album, we'll have to kill time with their debut, Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect. Thankfully for us, it's an expansive, delightful 15 tracks full of sunny, dance-inducing indie rock that is perfect for repeated listens and then some.