7 Reasons You Should Be Listening to Albin Lee Meldau’s Debut Album, ‘About You’


Swedish singer-songwriter Albin Lee Meldau is one of those artists who leaves you in awe of his pure, untouched talent. Though he's only just broken into the scene a couple years ago, Meldau is already making waves with his one-of-a-kind sound and he's now stepping out with his official debut album entitled About You. Here are 7 reasons you should take a listen (if you haven't already): 

1. About You is Meldau's First Full-Length Album.

Sure, we've had a couple of EPs to hold us over, but now we have 13 equally raw, moving songs to indulge ourselves in. Meldau has already been nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2017 Swedish Grammy Awards and for an Anchor Award as best emerging talent without a full album release, so there's no telling where this new album will take him. You can listen to Meldau's debut album here: 

2. It Delivers a Diverse Range of Sounds.

Each song on About You evokes a different sweep of emotions, using his buttery voice to deliver slower, touching ballads like "Before & After" and more upbeat, bluesy tracks like "The Weight is Gone." It's full of an assortment of eloquent violins, gentle piano, and entrancing guitar, creating a jazzy feel and radiating a refreshing elegance. "The Weight is Gone" is actually one of my favorite songs from the album: 

3. It's Evidence of His Evolving Sound.

There's a polished maturity that has surfaced in Meldau's music on this album as he delves even further into the depths of emotion. It's the same sound that tugs at your heartstrings, but with a new air of confidence and surety. While many emerging artists spend years trying to pinpoint their own sound, Meldau seems to have already discovered his niche, and it shows in the effortlessness of his music.

4. It Features his Incredible Vocals.

There's an undeniable comfort to Meldau's pleasantly soulful voice that will absolutely melt you into a puddle of feelings. You can't acquire the kind of soul that Meldau was born with, and it fits perfectly with the deeply emotional and sometimes dark nature of the topics he explores through his music. Listen to him sing live here: 

5. It's Already Gaining Major Traction.

Four out of five of Meldau's most popular tracks on Spotify are already songs from About You. "The Weight is Gone" has racked up close to an impressive two million hits and "I Need Your Love" is approaching one million. We've been loving him for awhile now, but it looks like Albin Lee Meldau is becoming everyone's One to Watch.

6. It Gives us More of his Impressive Lyricism.

Meldau is somewhat of a poet, telling stories through his incredibly honest and open music. He creates an intimacy with his audience by ensuring that the meaning behind his lyrics doesn't get lost in the delivery. He's said himself in a recent Ones to Watch interview that his project is like a diary to him. It's no wonder how Meldau is growing so quickly when each song feels like a personal conversation.

7. He Makes Music for the Right Reasons.

Meldau has always been musically inclined, coming from a mother with a jazz background and a father with a punk rock background, and writing his first song when he was just 11. While Meldau admits money is nice, he notes that the real measure of success isn't materialistic, and when it is the motivation disappears. Meldau makes music for himself and that makes his album even sweeter to listen to.