7 Songs To Ease Extended Family Tensions During Thanksgiving

It's that time of year again. Thanksgiving is a catalyst for extended families to come together over turkey and canned cranberry, sharing stories from the previous year spent apart. However, the dinner table can quickly become a breeding ground for family conflict. With Cousin Jared going through the height of teenage angst, Aunt Suzanne and her ex-convict boyfriend passive aggressively bickering and Uncle Richard constantly plugging his latest pyramid scheme, tensions can build in seconds. 

Not to worry–we've compiled a list of 7 songs to play whilst hiding in the bathroom to help you get through the holiday drama.

Omar Apollo-"Unbothered"


Omar Apollo's music speaks directly to the struggles of relationships, smoothing the edges with his dreamy, bedroom pop sound. The Indiana-based artist has been getting a lot of attention recently, garnering millions of streams with his Stereo EP. Throw on "Unbothered" when you need some inspiration to take the high road.

Chelsea Jade-"Laugh It Off"


Chelsea Jade is an up and comer from New Zealand, and her debut album Personal Best is a must listen. The synthy production and relatable lyrics will have you moonwalking through your kitchen. Listen to this one when you've been the butt of the joke one too many times.

Paul Cherry-"Changing Times"


Paul Cherry plays off the absurdity that is society today in his music. "Changing Times" is an indie song with jazz influence and a classic feel. He'll remind you to take everything with a grain of salt as he sings, "Changing minds, suffer through these changing times. Everyday is strange, suffer through each day wishing I could push rewind."

Kid Bloom-"Parents House"


Kid Bloom, the indie psychedelic four piece LA outfit, breathes youthful energy into their releases. A perfect reminder of the playful adolescence of high school, listen to "Parents House" to relive the golden years of sneaking out of the house and hanging with childhood friends.



Mallrat is an Australian singer and producer with an affinity for creating pop anthems with a DIY feel. "Groceries" is a homey, warm song from Mallrat's In The Sky EP, pulsing with crisp snaps and delicate guitar picks. Put your headphones in and listen at the grocery store while your parents are playing tug of war with another family over the last turkey.

Boygenius -"Me & My Dog"


Don't forget your greatest ally when family dynamics get weird–your dog. Boygenius, the collective project of Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker, is pure folky brilliance. "Me & My Dog" is the perfect introverted anthem for just wanting to curl up with your pup.

Aaron Childs-"Good Times" 


Aaron Childs is a master of feel-good jazz-infused R&B bangers. He is self described as looking and sounding like "Pharrell Williams if you stretched him out like Gumby," which is both oddly accurate and impressively self-aware. His 2017 EP My Way is a funky, laid-back collection of tracks. "Good Times" is one you can play out loud when people start arguing over Monopoly. Just slowly turn up the volume until conflict ceases.