7 Times I Lost My Cool at the Amber Mark Show

Photo: Michael Allegan

Amber Mark has been coming in hot since the release of her debut EP, 3:33am in May 2017. Her voice has a depth that moves the soul, and her lyrics contain an authenticity unparalleled by many pop hits today. Not that she can really be confined to one genre - her music is defined as 'tribal soul' and features sounds inspired by music from Nepal, Germany, Brazil and India. 

Written about he loss of her mother, 3:33am is a beautiful dichotomy of grief and the celebration of life. Mark commands the stage in her live performances and delivers the tracks with the same raw emotion that she put into their production. Attending her concert at The Echo Los Angeles on Jan. 30 was nothing short of inspiring and left me (and the rest of the audience) bowing down to her elegance, relatability and straight up radiance. Here are the moments (seven to be exact) that I lost my cool at the Amber Mark show.

1. Right when she walked out. She was wearing a sheer glittery top embroidered with stars, black pants with large slits down the side and a high pony to end all high ponies.

2. At the end of "S P A C E" when the the groove cut out abruptly and we were left with a precious second of her simmering vocals on their own. I heard someone audibly gasp and all I could think was, "Yep me too."

3. Her delicate riffs on "Journey into the Unknown." The crowd held its breath as a blue light washed over the stage and Amber filled the space with sound. That song stops time.

4. Mark shouting out, "Alright Mama Mia, take it away!" as a recording of her late mother's voice offering words of advice soared above a track. Lost it.

5. You know those male tribal riffs in "Lose My Cool?" Amber sang those herself live.

6. During "Can You Hear Me?" when she got down on her knees to extend a hand to an audience member. Mark has a unique ability to connect to her audience. And some serious dance moves.

7. The girl in front of me breaking it TF down. That's the beauty of Amber Mark; she will tap into the most tender spots in your heart one song and have you dancing like it's the end of the world the next. This girl is headed places.