8 Artists We Discovered After Hitting 20K Followers on Instagram


When we reached 20,000 followers on Instagram, reactions varied from shocked, to honored, to ultimately, remarkably grateful that 20,000 likeminded humans truly care about our take on emerging artists and music. To give back to the artists, fans, and music industry professionals who contribute to our everyday success, we promised to attentively listen to every single song submission that we received in the 24 hours to follow. While there were a ton of impressive submissions, we ultimately handpicked 8 songs that stood out most. 

Discover your next obsession in one of the 8 artists below, ranging from R&B to pop and alternative's hidden gems. Plus, feel free to submit to contact@onestowatch.com any time for a chance to be featured on the blog! 

Olive B 

Genre: Soothing, sensual R&B

While we were already under the impression that Toronto breeds the very best in R&B, Olive B further solidifies that notion as official fact. Dating back to August of 2017, it seems as though we've already had our eyes on this budding soul-soother.  


Genre: Epitome of bedroom pop's appeal

When we come across artists who are simply unapologetically themselves, it's nearly impossible not to fall in love. If Austenyo's sincere (and sometimes comical) lyrics don't win you over, then his kitschy, clearly DIY video for "personova" certainly will.

Rainbow Dog

Genre: Tribal, harmonic soul
With a wide range of earthy instrumentals and vocal harmonies, "Pleasure" definitely stopped us in our tracks as we 20K reviewed submissions. We're certainly looking forward to witnessing Rainbow Dog's magic in a live setting! 


Genre: Funky indie goodness 

Los Angeles duo LEAN formed only two years ago, but have since proved to be one of indie-pop's hidden gems with their debut full-length, Years. We'll definitely continue to keep an eye on LEAN's Kyle McCammon and Stephen Johnson.


Genre: Electronic ambient soul

Yoste is another artist who we've featured in the past for his striking sound that brings to mind greats like James Blake and Bon Iver. Thanks to this submission process, we were reminded of Yoste's lowkey brilliance with 2017′s stunning "Moon."


Genre: Emotional, pop-tinged R&B

Happen to be in the market for a solid breakup song? Or simply enjoy silky smooth R&B vocals? Then Carsen is the artist for you. A little birdy told us she'll have a new one out on Sept. 28 - keep an eye out

Terrell Morris

Genre: Introspective, melodic hip hop
It's no surprise that Terrell Morris names Erykah Badu as an inspiration on his Facebook, as the Toronto rapper clearly pulls from elements of neo-soul and jazz in his debut EP, Molasses. Morris is certainly another artist that we're grateful to have discovered and will continue to cover on the blog.

The Frequently

Genre: Quality indie-rock

Jones Willingham of The Frequently submitted "Work" to us, claiming that his band is heavily influenced by The Districts and Hippo Campus – affirmative. Solid, guitar-heavy indie rock never goes out of style, and that's precisely why The Frequently landed on our list.