9 Ways To Go To Concerts Without Breaking The Bank


Photo: Erik Voake

Now that it’s midsummer and the semi-annual sales are flooding the retail stores, you may want to enjoy the remainder of July before fall hits. Although your browser barrages you with ads on clothing and furniture, summer sales unfortunately do not apply to all – including concerts. It’s a dilemma. The weather cajoles you to see all your favorite artists, but you do not want to go overboard with spending. Luckily, there are ways to get concert tickets for cheap.


As obvious as it sounds, joining your college Facebook page, local area groups, and event pages, is a great way to get concert tickets at face value or cheaper. Much like Craiglist, people who have last minute scheduling conflicts will be auctioning off their passes. The perk of Facebook is that it puts a face to the vendor who goes to your college or lives in your town – hence minimizing the risk of interacting with a cyber creep. If you want to prioritize the budget over the venue, message the person for the price and wait until the last minute to ask again. If he or she hasn’t gotten any takers, the price would’ve mostly likely been reduced by half.


Follow all your favorite artists on Twitter since often times they tend to retweet ticket giveaways for their concerts. It’s not that the bands and singers themselves are handing out freebies, but new apps and products raffle these golden passes as part of their promotion campaign. Pay 0% by becoming the lucky winner!

Student Discounts

To those music connoisseurs with student status, take advantage of any musical event that your academic institution has to offer. Aside from the typical spring concerts, guest performances, and music festivals, universities provide student discounts to certain venues that take place in the school’s auditorium or stadium. Save as much as 50% by searching these deals!


Surf through a list of deals from sites such as StubHub, RazorGator, and ticketsnow in one online hotspot called Ticketwood. Instead of navigating from one page to another, Ticketwood facilitates your online search by aggregating the latest specials from these three sources. Make sure you check this site frequently, especially as the date nears since new offers pop out.

Radio stations

Instead of listening to your gadget 24/7, take a break from the usual playlist and turn on the radio. Many popular radio stations sporadically give out freebies for upcoming concerts. This is a perfect opportunity for people who are fans of big artists, but do not want to surpass their financial limits by spending hundreds of dollars to see their favorite artists. The key is to pay close attention and have your phone ready to dial immediately.

Box office

For those who prefer attending small venues, purchasing directly from the box office reduces the cost since it eliminates service fees. The dangers of doing this is that the tickets may run out and you might have to get there earlier than anyone to avoid the long line. Only use this strategy for small concerts on a day where you’ll have time to spare. 

Living Social

Living Social is the hidden treasure of online deals on everything from restaurants to workshops in your community. But did you know often times they sell concert tickets for two people or for groups that you can purchase with a 10% to 60% discount? Simply input your location and the site will list any ongoing packages. Usually their deals come with other bonuses such as VIP access, free parking and drinks. Also, sometimes you get rewarded with free deals if you refer to other people to buy the packages as well.


Groupon will send you daily promos around your area for individuals and crowds. Keep your eyes peeled for concerts by getting alerts on its exclusive member-only coupons on the hottest music events going on in your city. Members save an average of 20% on their purchases through Groupon and sometimes as much as 90% - that’s an almost freebie. 


Put a Goldstar on that hole in your wallet to block any financial leakage. You’ll receive emails on the latest sales on shows and save an average of 50% on your purchase. To get the most out of your neighborhood’s music scene, personalize your profile and stay atop on upcoming events. Enjoy your favorite bands when they are in town and only pay half.