‘A 20 Something F*ck’ Sees Two Feet at His Most Vulnerable & Polished


Photo: James J. Robinson

New York-based artist Bill Dess, more popularly known by his moniker Two Feet, rose to prominence following the viral success of the self-released single "Go Fuck Yourself."  Despite the breakout success that would accompany the release, Two Feet's rise to fame was not one without its share of misfortune. Earlier this year, the R&B musician was hospitalized, following a publicly announced suicide attempt. A 20 Something Fuck marks Dess' first release since the attempt and an exceptional new chapter in the story of Two Feet.

A 20 Something Fuck is a raw and emotional outpouring of electronic-infused R&B, which only feels all the more poignant given the context underlying the project. Rife with emotion, every track on Two Feet's EP, from its opening track to its closing number, feels like Dess is wearing his still bleeding heart on his sleeve. Opening on "Intro," a recording of a voice mail placed alongside resonant jazz piano chords, Two Feet does a wondrous job of showcasing exactly what he does best. That is to say, the way in which Dess gives the simplest of elements an impressive sense of atmosphere is nothing short of spellbinding.

It's a tried and true skill of Two Feet's that he exemplifies throughout A 20 Something Fuck's eight-track run. Behind every word and guitar lick that is left to linger in empty space, Dess captivates us. It a hypnotic effect that is most present on tracks like "I Feel Like I'm Drowning" and "Back Of My Mind, where the sudden rock and jazz-tinged releases juxtapose the distinctive R&B vocal stylings to create a superb sonic catch-and-release. Exquisite sonic moments aside, the underlying pain that scores A 20 Something Fuck is impossible to shy away from, but it is that raw sense of emotional vulnerability that Two Feet captures and employs to create his most polished collection work to date.

Listen to A 20 Something Fuck below:

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