A Debut to Reckon With: Fickle Friends’ ‘You Are Someone Else’ Doesn’t Disappoint

The feeling of an endless summer, that eternal feel-good moment, a flow of constant energy; ever heard music that feels that good? Fickle Friends' debut album, You Are Someone Else, does just that.

The UK-based group comprised of Natassja Shiner, Harry Herrington, Chris Hall, Sam Morris and Jack Wilson has had a solid share of eclectic singles and EPs leading up to their debut moment. While the band has played 500+ shows and festivals and spread their infectious energy and upbeat hooks around the globe, it's felt as if we were missing a collective set of works, a full story waiting to be told.

You Are Someone Else, Fickle Friends' debut album, is positive and cathartic in nature, despite it being timely given current emotional climates. Billboard noted, the album touches on "toxic friendships ('Rotation'), feeling worthless ('Useless'), grasping at straws in a relationship ('Midnight') and mental health ('Hard to Be Myself,' 'In My Head')."

With over 40 million streams on Spotify, it's no surprise to see the group skyrocketing to the top of the charts, even landing on the cover of Spotify's Indie Pop playlist. With standout tracks like "Bite," "She," and their previously-released "Swim," the debut album feels like a completed set of works that Fickle Friends fans have been waiting for since their 2015 Velvet EP.

Billboard went on to say, "Fickle Friends don't play by anyone's rules but their own. That's how they've managed to create such an impressive path for themselves, founded on neon dance tunes with bite." This couldn't ring any more true as the band has set themselves on a path for success with a refreshing sound and refuses to deviate from their end goal.

Fickle Friends continues to make waves within the indie-pop space with their use of nostalgic, retro synths, modern and relatable lyrics, and overall feel-good energy that serves as a playful escape from reality. The vibe is contagious and one can't help but move their body as the instruments pick up and the band lets loose.

While the band is currently touring around the UK, they're slated to play three upcoming shows in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and San Francisco over the next few months – grab your tickets here & listen to You Are Someone Else below: