Moontower is a well kept secret. Their debut song comes exclusively in the form of a YouTube video for starters, and begins a series featuring the quizzical character, William. 

The young man first appears in "Episode 1: PILOT" quite literally at rock bottom, shirtless in the desert, and hot in pursuit of the one thing he can't achieve: love. Long panning shots of William scrambling around with tumbleweeds and hacking at rocks with a pickaxe are bizarre visuals and yet, it's hard to look away. The video is deliciously homemade and features hilariously beginner green screen action that we've all seen in middle school projects. William's angular dance moves combined with his sad searching gaze are an entertaining dichotomy, but leave the viewer with a lot of unanswered questions. What exactly is William looking for? Where are his parents? Who hurt this boy?!

Moontower is new on the scene, but they have a clearly defined vision of what they're after. Their sound falls between the genres of alternative dance and electronic pop, and they're generous with synth and bass. Their music features falsetto male vocals soaring above drops that demand dancing, as well as melodic lines that stick with you in the Uber on the way home from a show. And as of now, the only place to hear their set for yourself is live - which is an experience of its own.


In reference to the famed line in Dazed and Confused, a party at the Moontower is the place to be. The band is made up of USC students Tom Carpenter, Jacob Berger and Devan Welsh, and the three got their start playing house parties around campus. Their early shows took place at their own house, dubbed "Moontower" of course, but their reach has already surpassed the boundaries of college parties.

They've been gigging hardcore around California for six months and recently opened for Bad Suns - all without releasing music. Their mission? To create musical digital content which provides richer listening for their audience than the simple Soundcloud or Spotify play. A live Moontower show is a highly visual experience, complete with large totems of light that sync with their music and artful projections on the audience and venue alike. They've even dabbled in augmented reality to give their fans an immersive perspective on their live music. All in all, the group is into pushing limits and finding new ways to make their performances more stimulating. 

While Moontower's absence on streaming platforms might be frustrating for fans who want to listen post-show, the trio isn't concerned. They have plenty planned, and the next installation of their William series will be well worth the wait. Keep an eye out for their next live appearance so you can experience Moontower for yourself.