A R I Z O N A Fuses ‘80s Dance Pop with Original Sound in Two-Part Single, “COLD NIGHTS // SUMMER DAYS”

Photo: Jimmy Fontaine

A R I Z O N A is the alt-electronic three-piece band that just successfully contributed to your summer playlist. Their two-part single, "Summer Days" and "Freaking Out," are two thematically contrasting songs that both have a sonically unifying sound.

A R I Z O N A is comprised of longtime friends: Zach on vocals, Nate on guitar, and David on keys. 2016 was a big year for the indie electronic group. They were signed to Atlantic Records and Artist Publishing Group, while releasing several singles that landed on major Spotify playlists and received widespread recognition from Billboard and more. When 2017 hit, they released their full-length album, GALLERY, that truly resonated with their listeners.


It would not be a shock if the release of COLD NIGHTS // SUMMER DAYS also resonated with their fans and new listeners. When creating this two-part single, Nate recalls, "We thought to ourselves, 'If the alt-eighties happened today, what would it feel like?'"

"Summer Days" has a transfixing hook, "make the cold nights feel like summer days," that Zach sings as the synth dances around the back track. This song is just about enjoying the simplicity of life and not the materialistic needs humans have. Zach reminisces on the writing of "Summer Days:"

"Instead of writing from a first-person experience, I adopted a third-person perspective. Essentially, it's about a girl that lives a bougie lifestyle, goes on a holiday abroad, lives somewhere nice, etc. Low key though, she really wants to go downtown to get away from it all to dance and have a good time."

In contrast, "Freaking Out" swings from calm verses into an ignitable chorus chant that compliments the title of the song. This song touches on the more intimate parts of what it is to be human. 

"It's self-explanatory. It's a universal concept. It's our song for people suffering with anxiety, or depression, or mental illness. When we create, we want to connect with everyone, but sometimes we really like to raise awareness around certain elements of the human experience that get grossly overlooked. It should serve as a reminder to people that they're not alone in the hardships they endure."

Each song has dreamy guitar licks and flawless production elements that show a sense of cohesive composition through both. Join A R I Z O N A as they celebrate these "cold nights [that] feel like summer days" with their supporting spot on the "Pray For The Wicked Tour" with Panic! At The Disco, as well as taking the main stage at Lollapalooza.

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