Aaron Taos Reflects On The Importance Of Relationships In Woodsy “Loneliness” Video [PREMIERE]


New York City indie artist Aaron Taos is revealing himself with every new song. Moving towards the release of Birthday Boy, Taos is kicking off this anticipated release with his newest single “Loneliness.” 

With simple production and arpeggiated guitar chords, “Loneliness” leaves enough room for the lyrics to breathe. Sitting alone in the woods and singing internalized thoughts, such as “depression is a romantic” and “tenderness has been my weakness,” Taos embodies the sense of isolation. He then encounters two persons dressed in black and white that proceed to beat him up and leave him tired and broken, representing the conflicting thoughts one may have when they feel alone and alienated. The track is very personal to Taos, as he remarks:

“‘Loneliness’ is a song I wrote when I was going through a really rough patch. I was in the midst of a bit of depression brought out by a stagnation of my career and wasn’t really leaving the house. It was winter, which made things worse. What really helped me feel better was remembering that career/music isn’t everything and appreciating the relationships around me, specifically that of my girlfriend at the time. She was a shining light through my dark time, reminding me that as important as your goals are, connection and love is the foundation of feeling good and whole.”

“Loneliness” positions itself as an intimate track that exposes the very personal and crestfallen emotions when it feels like you against the world. It’s important to remember the relationships in our lives to help us through trying times and stay grounded.