Adam Levine Protégé Rozzi Releases Heartfelt New Track, “Never Over You”


Photo: Robin Harper

2018 is shaping up to be the year for female musicians. We've heard new releases from strong vocalists like Sasha Sloan, MILCK and Cloves who prove that soul packs a powerful punch.

This sentiment rings true for Rozzi, a rising soul/pop musician whose new release "Never Over You" was inspired by her experience of love - and the aftermath of losing it - for the first time. The track explores the complications of a relationship that seems to be ending on its own, despite efforts of keeping it alive. It tackles the paralyzing thoughts that one has when dealing with the ups and downs of love, but refusing to give up.

Rozzi's powerful, deep vocals allow her to play with sounds reminiscent of Adele and Lapsley, combined with the with the pop infusion by another rising act, Dua Lipa. These forces allow Rozzi to create a sound that doesn't conform to a singular genre.

"Never Over You" comes after the release of "Uphill Battle," a track that was called a "beautiful testament to a woman's complexity" with "lyrics that are meant to capture what it's like accepting yourself in a relationship" by Billboard.

Rozzi continues to build a promising career - after being discovered by Adam Levine, she was given the opportunity to tour with Maroon 5 when she was just 19-years-old. This gave her the time and confidence to craft the sound that she encapsulates as an artist today.

As for now, Rozzi continues to work on her debut album. We're looking forward to seeing what's next!