Ahead of U.S. Tour, Armors Names Top 5 Alternative Bands To Watch

To know Armors is to love Armors. Formed in 2014 in the wholesome land of Orange County, Ca, the trio has hooked fans across the globe with their infectious brand of alternative rock. 

While Sam Beresford (keyboards) and Kody Buxton (bass guitar/guitar) uphold the heavy-hitting build-ups and explosive choruses that fans of the genre tend to gravitate towards, Olen Kittelsen (lead vocals) brings a comforting vocal element that attracts lovers of all musical genres. What other alternative band can transition so effortlessly between top 40 pop and indie rock covers, as Armors has recently demonstrated on their Facebook?

Armors takes their talents on the road this fall, starting off on Sept. 1 at HOB Anaheim and concluding in Florida at the end of October. Before they take off, we invited Armors to share a little bit about what they know best: up & coming alternative music. 

Discover the 5 emerging alternative bands that Armors picked below, then grab your tickets to see them live here

Sir Sly

We've had the opportunity to work with Jason from Sir Sly on a couple of released songs, "Overdose" and "Kerosene" and some more that aren't yet released. Their new album is an absolute masterpiece. It goes so much deeper than just their hit single "High."

Night Riots

We've had pleasure of knowing and playing shows with these guys for years. They're one of the most genuine and hard-working bands we know. They're working on a new record the rest of this year while they're not on tour with The Maine.


We met these (mostly) British lads when they were out in LA a couple years ago. We love their new EP and can't wait to check them out on tour this Fall with Nothing But Thieves.

La Bouquet

We've quietly been fans of these guys for a few months and were tremendously excited when they agreed to join us for a show in San Francisco in September.

Lewis Del Mar

We haven't had the pleasure of meeting these guys just yet, but we all instantly became fans when their record came out last year.