Alec Benjamin Breathes Life Into His Own Storied World With “Outrunning Karma”

Photo: Halle McFadden

There are two things in this world you cannot escape - karma and Alec Benjamin's remarkable lyricism. Well, those two things and maybe taxes. Rising singer-songwriter Benjamin's exquisite use of narrative storytelling is something that remains with you long after it graces your ears and heart, and his latest sees him weaving together what already feels like an instant classic.

"Outrunning Karma" is an outstanding piece of music for all of the same reasons we have praised the distinctive lyrical talent in the past. The minimalistic guitar-picking and overall instrumentation carry a notable emotional weight without ever feeling superfluous. Benjamin's emotive vocal range brilliantly demonstrates and brings to life the genius of his songwriting. Behind every minor inflection and sincere outpouring in Benjamin's past works and now "Outrunning Karma," it feels like he is giving us a glimpse directly into his soul.

While Benjamin's previous works have for the most part focused mainly on transforming lived experiences to poignant works of musical poetry, such as on his previous single "Death of a Hero," "Outrunning Karma" showcases the true versatility of his songwriting. The single is imbued with a sense of movement, following its unnamed character as he tries to escape karma to no avail. Rather than tell a straightforward tale, what this profound songwriter has done is weave together religious, mythical, and pop culture allusions to create something that exists beyond and outside of himself. Benjamin is more than just a master at letting people into his own storied world; he is quickly becoming a master of breathing life into new, varied worlds.      

Listen to "Outrunning Karma" below and catch Alec Benjamin on tour this fall: