Alec Benjamin Recounts the “Death of a Hero” in New Single


"That night I put my youth in a casket and buried it inside of me…and now I'm a witness to the death of a hero," sings Alec Benjamin in his latest release "Death of a Hero." The heart-piercing line is one of many that stays with you long after the song's culmination. It is a testament to the Phoenix-born, Los Angeles-raised wordsmith's innate talent for deeply profound songwriting.

In a similar vein to the singles that preceded "Death of a Hero," Benjamin leverages his gift for narrative-focused songwriting with a depth and acuity not seen in most well-seasoned veterans. However, this time around, the story to be told is one of tragedy and how one moves forward beyond disappointment. One thing is made immediately apparent from the outset of Death of a Hero," Benjamin is more than just an artist or a storyteller. The way in which he weaves together a living, fluid narrative tapestry backed by simple yet moving fingerpicking creates something greater than the sum of its parts.

On "Death of a Hero," Benjamin shared,  

"'Death of a Hero' is a story about one of my childhood heroes and how they let me down. It's about the moment I realized that I wasn't a kid anymore."

The are no too-clever-for-their-own good allusions to be found on "Death of a Hero." Rather the story that Benjamin breathes into existence is as candid as they come. Bearing his heart and past on his sleeve, he invites us in at his most vulnerable. The effect is that of deeply moving story and song.

Listen to "Death of a Hero" below: