Alec Benjamin’s “If We Have Each Other”Is Deeply Intimate Yet Universal in Scope

Photo Credit: Halle McFadden

Phoenix-born, Los Angeles-raised Alec Benjamin is a songwriting talent for the ages. The lyrical savant has a profound gift for weaving together complex and layered narratives into infectious pop-leaning songs. Benjamin's latest, "If We Have Each Other," is yet another addition to the artist's ever-growing list of storied songwriting genius.

For the most part, there are two things that make up the core of "If We Have Each Other," Benjamin's empathic vocals and his simply entrancing guitar playing. Like a modern traveling storyteller, the Los Angeles-based artist immediately brings forth a wellspring of vivid imagery with a few quickly uttered words. He quite literally brings the scene to life - a scene that despite its deeply personal nature is universal in its scope. Speaking on his closest relationships in the context of confronting the realities of the world around him, the level of emotional honesty and the skill with which it is employed is something to be applauded. As Benjamin was kind enough to share with us, the song itself comes from a very personal place,

“This song is really special to me because I wrote it about my family and my sister, and I’ve never written a song that honest before. I hope other people can connect to it in their own way.”

One of Benjamin's greatest talents is the way he manages to transform his hopes, fears, and musings of his surroundings into something that feels grander than its separate components yet wholly relatable. It is a skill that takes not only a great level of lyrical prowess but overarching empathy. 

Listen to "If We Have Each Other" below: