Alice Glass’ “I Trusted You” Video Is the Gothic Christmas We Never Knew We Needed


The holiday season is traditionally a time of cheer and lengthy expenses. However, for Alice Glass, the season seems to be a little less red and green and a little more black and white. The former Crystal Castles singer has delivered "I Trusted You," a haunting new single and video that sees her lamenting through a holiday wonderland of her own creation.  

The sonic mood of Glass seems to exist either in that of heart-racing, electronic-fueled experimentation or intricately-crafted bouts of melancholic introspection. In "I Trusted You," which is taken from the latest from the latest Adult Swim compilation, we find her in the latter as she dejectedly reflects on betrayal. Glass exists disembodied, floating in an electronic void, uttering the words, "I don't care what they want me to do / I'll sit here by myself / I don't need to see the sun to know it's not there / (You lied to me)," into the ether.

The forlorn new single is also accompanied by a brand new music video directed, shot, and edited by Lindsey Mann. The video places Glass amongst a series of Christmas decorations and lights. In any other context, the result would look a lot like taking your left-of-center sister to look at the suburban decorations much to her chagrin. However, "I Trusted You" lends the entire affair a striking juxtaposition, leaving only a Glass who is unaffected by what should be the joyous spirit that surrounds her. There is no respite as Glass lets her heart bleed out onto the floor, and it's clear that she is not here to provide it.