Alice Glass Perfectly Cohabits The Worlds of Pop and Darkwave in New EP


Photo: Jupiter Keyes

Alice Glass is someone who needs no introduction. From being the chaotic front woman for electronic darkwave band Crystal Castles to modeling for Alexander Wang, Glass has easily established a reverent cult following. So, when Glass announced she was leaving Crystal Castles in 2015, the statement was met with much expected dismay. However, two years later, Alice Glass has returned with a surprise self-titled EP, Alice Glass, which sees her honing and polishing her own brand of darkwave pop.

Opening with "Without Love," Alice Glass immediately establishes herself as more than just a mere former lead singer, as she carefully balances pristine pop melodies with brilliant dark production courtesy of former HEALTH member Jupiter Keyes. Much of Alice Glass attempts this difficult balancing act between the worlds of pop and darkwave–and succeeds exceptionally well in doing so.

"Forgiveness" is another track that leans more in the direction of pop, with flourishes of darker electronic musings that cause it to ring out like a club anthem. Yet, the next track, "Natural Selection," is a chaotic cacophonic outburst of emotion and sound that could not be further from the world of pop and could best be described as electropunk. As if in anticipation of this apparent opposition, the following track "White Lies" has some of the highest reaching pop vocals in recent memory backed by static-tinged outbursts, perfectly joining the worlds of electropunk and pop that Alice Glass previously explores.

The final two tracks follow suit of standing in seeming opposition. "Blood Oath" is a high-energy electronic dance number designed for dark night clubs, while "The Altar" is a dark yet beautiful piano ballad sung in hush tones that performs the role of washing over all the previous chaos - a musical absolution of sorts. Alice Glass clocks in shy of twenty minutes, but, in that sparse amount of time, Glass establishes herself as an artist dexterous and talented enough to cohabit and bridge the worlds of pop and darkwave. The entirety of Alice Glass is a phenomenal reemergence of Glass as an artist, and serves as a testament to the depth Glass is able to achieve musically.

Stream the debut EP Alice Glass below: