Alina Baraz Returns with Signature Sultry Sound In “Buzzin’” & “Lavender and Velvet”


Intoxicatingly hypnotic to say the least, smooth production, artful beats, and Alina Baraz's transportive voice carry us away on her two new singles, "Buzzin'" and "Lavender and Velvet."

For Alina Baraz fans, it has felt like far too long without new music from the unforgettable songstress.  We have been craving more of her gorgeous, soul-infused electronic silkiness ever since her 2015 debut EP with Galimatias, Urban Flora. Breakout hit "Fantasy" helped put Baraz on the map as a rising new talent in the R&B electronic space. In January 2017 she finally teased a new song, pairing with up and coming Khalid for "Electric."

In "Buzzin'," Alina basically sums up how we're feeling about her releasing such well-crafted new tracks after so long: "You just struck a chord / Spinning me around / It's the energy / It's the chemistry." Feeling like the perfect end-of-summer song to cruise around to after sunset, "Buzzin'" is reportedly a co-write with LunchMoney Lewis and enlisted Ben Billion$ for production.

As if one new release wasn't enough, "Lavender and Velvet" oozes sultry, late-night vibes. Jonathan Elkaer led production on this track. Crooning sweetly, Baraz sets the mood in each verse with lines like, "Body and vanilla / Yeah I know it thrills ya / I know what is on your mind," and, "You're the honey whiskey / Getting kinda tipsy / You know all the things I like." By the time the chorus hits, listeners can't help but sway along to the soulful electronic groove.

While we await news of more to come (and hopefully a full-length album), you can still catch Baraz live, opening for Coldplay's A Head Full of Dreams Tour.