All Eyes On Arin Ray [”Communication” Live + Interview]

Platinum Fire is truly the most accurate descriptor for Arin Ray

The young R&B maverick is quickly climbing the ranks with a soulfully nostalgic sound, fueled by his effortlessly smooth vocals that take you back to the days of '90s R&B. Originally entering the scene as as Britney Spears' protege on X Factor, Arin Ray made a lasting name for himself in the years after the show, diligently penning songs for major names like Usher, Chris Brown, Jason Derulo, and more. His full length-debut came in March 2018, backed by Interscope Records and boosting collaborations with YG, Ty Dolla $ign, SiR, DRAM, and more.

All eyes are on Arin Ray in our latest episode, as he performs "Communication" and opens up about his son, what's coming up, and the real reason for the name Platinum Fire.