All Eyes On Billy Raffoul [”Acoustic” Live + Interview]

Fall instantly in love with Billy Raffoul's luscious hair, and stay for his soulful, timeless voice.

The Interscope-signed singer, songwriter, and musician has released a handful of singles to date - each more mesmerizing than the last. It's safe to say that which every new Billy Raffoul single we hear, from "Driver" to his latest, "I'm Not A Saint," we become more and more enamored with the artist's profound gift for songwriting. Perhaps it has something to do with his musical upbringing, being having been immersed in the world of rock and roll since birth. 

Whatever the reason may be for Raffoul's songwriting gift, we were ecstatic to have him swing by to perform "Acoustic" and chat about his musical upbringing, wicked hair flips, and what the future holds. Discover more of Raffoul's music here