All Eyes On Cautious Clay [”Stolen Moments” Live + Interview]

**READ: **Acclaimed artist Cautious Clay is embarking on a national tour this fall!

When attempting to find the words to describe Cautious Clay, it makes the most sense to start with a deconstruction of his name. While the young artist takes a very meticulous and calculated approach to honing his sound, he has always remained openminded when it comes to experimenting with unexpected instruments, production techniques, and lyrical content. 

Initially drawn to the fair "PERVASIVE LANGUAGE. SEXUALITY. AUTHENTICITY. ATTENTION TO DETAIL." warning that came along with his breakout single, "Cold War," our fandom has only grown with each new release. Cautious Clay's latest is RESONANCE, a three-song EP that only further expands his expansive musical palate as he continues to turn heads in the music industry.

The Brooklyn based singer, songwriter, and producer, along with his rockstar band, joined us on our beautiful New York City rooftop on a gloomy May afternoon to perform "Stolen Moments," followed by a brief interview. Watch above to find out exactly why Cautious Clay packs as much of a punch as the boxer whose name we're reminded of.

Discover more of Cautious Clay's music here and be sure to catch him on his Ones To Watch - presented tour this fall