All Eyes On DaniLeigh [”All I Know Live” + Interview]

Paying proper homage to the great Aretha Franklin, all eyes on our favorite singer-dancer virtuoso DaniLeigh as she performs "All I Know" in our latest episode.

From captivating audiences with her sultry vocal delivery, to wowing masses with expertly-executed choreography and quite literally winning the Keke Challenge, to working as the creative director for Prince's "Breakfast Can Wait" music video, DaniLeigh is the very definition of triple threat. We were honored to host the performance of her most popular hit to date, "All I Know," which just happens to take a sample from the queen of soul's "One Step Ahead." Get to know DaniLeigh in the interview to follow, where she details her experience with Prince, what to expect on her next project, and more.

Discover more of DaniLeigh's music here.