All Eyes On Jade Bird [”Good Woman” Live + Interview]

There is something to be said of Jade Bird's storytelling-like approach to music. There is a special quality to it all. A particularity that words cannot quite do justice but is rather something that instantly hits you, as her voice seems to personally reach out to you and the great beyond. Bird's voice is one imbued with an innate quality of speaking to deep, universal, human truths.

Born in Hexham, England, Bird spent her early days as an "army brat," before finding inspiration in such infamous storytellers as Patti Smith, Loretta Lynn, and Alanis Morissette. The British folk singer-songwriter has since become one of the most promising rising stars in the London music scene and beyond. It's no wonder either, as her debut EP, 2017's Something American, served as a stunning showcase of Bird's distinctive talent for lyrical storytelling.  

So, we were absolutely elated to invite the lyrical savant to perform a live rendition of her standout track "Good Woman," and learn what a truly charming and hilarious artist Bird is off the stage. 

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