Allan Rayman Condemns “Word of Mouth” Ahead of Sept. 28 Ford Theatres Performance


Photo: Zack Vitiello

It's often said that music is a universal language and deeply connecting force. While this is certainly true, mainstream media has fashioned a generation of artists who are also celebrity figures who we relate to on a personal level beyond the music. But for one of the most mysterious figures in the industry, Allan Rayman's music is truly the binding force between him and his fans, ironically allowing his secretive persona to become the highly magnetic that lures us in.

One may expect more intimacy and conversation by the singer during his live shows, but this isn't the case. Minimalism seems to be key. We've had the pleasure of hosting a live session with the alt-R&B singer, and his soulful vocals immediately had us hooked. Rayman has a show in Los Angeles on Sept. 28 at the Ford Theatres for his Hotel Tour, and we highly recommend you experience his force for yourself. With the raw emotion he shares and mystery he dons, you can't leave without wanting more. Plus, the newly re-opened Ford Theatres is pleasantly tucked away in a Hollywood County regional park, and the secluded, woodsy scene couldn't be more fitting for our favorite mystery man. 

Each of Rayman's releases presents a new chapter of his story for listeners to experience, and his latest single, "Word of Mouth" certainly brings a fresh narrative to the table.

"Word of Mouth" has a slightly different vibe than Rayman's previous releases, while maintaining his signature gritty, soulful sound. The single has a '90s grunge/rock feel that suits the raspy quality of his voice, supported by the prominent riff of an electric guitar. Rayman touches on the profound impact words have and their ability to tear a person down. Whether he's talking about a lover's "slick and smooth talk" or simply another who has "wounded" and "haunted" him, Rayman painfully professes how "word of mouth" has torn him down. Unlike children's rhymes may suggest, words certainly have lasting influence. 

Rayman is known as an artist beyond just the music. With a passion for film, he is recognized for his entrancing music videos and unique visual aesthetics, and the artwork for "Word of Mouth" is no exception. Mysterious as ever, Rayman looks down while holding his index fingers up on either side of his head, as they were horns. The surrounding red and black rings give a devilish and primal quality that further emphasize the nature of the single. 

Grab your tickets to see Rayman at the Ford Theatres on Sept. 28 if you're in Los Angeles, or check to see if he's stopping at a city near you