Alvvays Return to Brighten Up Your June Gloom on “In Undertow”


It has been nearly three years since Toronto indie pop band Alvvays graced us with their self-titled debut Alvvays. With impeccable timing Alvvays has reemerged with their newest single, "In Undertow," to provide the accompaniment for any and all instances of June gloom or summer heartbreak.

"In Undertow" is, at its core, a song revolving around a hypothetical breakup, but the underlying sentiment behind vocalist Molly Rankin's words are concrete in their intention. While Rankin showcases moments of empathy with lines like "You made a mistake you'd like to erase and I understand," these moments are met in equal parts with a resolute chorus reiterating that "there's no turning back." This may be a breakup song, but it's not the sort of breakup song intent on wallowing in the past - it's a breakup song adamant on looking forward with only hints of clever remarks left for anything or anyone still looking back.

Rankin's somber and clever vocal talents serve as the perfect juxtaposition to the lush deluge of Alvvay's particular brand of shoegaze. From lyricism to instrumentation, Alvvays have returned with a song that performs the careful balancing act of truthfully portraying the melancholy and empowerment that can come from fully embracing a breakup, hypothetical or otherwise. Listen to "In Undertow" below, and look forward to hearing the rest of Alvvay's fantasy breakup arc on Antisocialities out September 8.