Always Never Arrives as Masters of The R&B Craft With Self-Titled Debut Album


Is Toronto becoming the R&B capital of the world? Upon hearing Toronto R&B duo Always Never's self-titled debut album, you would certainly have a strong argument for that claim. Comprised of producer Dean Guilbault and vocalist Patrick Kirschner, Always Never crafts introspective R&B bleeding with emotion and honesty. It is a skill that the duo demonstrates time and time again throughout their expansive debut album.

Consisting of 14 tracks, we were not joking when we said that this debut album is expansive. Each song, from the opening track "Canadian Dubai" to the culminating "Feel It," serves as an impressive introduction to Always Never as a duo and as a project. Exploring themes of desire, betrayal, anxiety, and the entire spectrum of human emotion, the mesmerizing debut is clearly the product of a duo who has no fear when it comes to bearing their hearts on their sleeves.

Always Never is more than just a moody, candid debut album. It is transfixing from every point of view. The varied yet cohesive production background provides an anchor for Kirschner's empathic vocals to shine brilliantly. At times, it almost feels more apt not to describe Always Never by its distinctive components, such as the cinematic and broody "Millions" or the dark fairytale that is "Hopeless," but rather by its overall presence. Because if there is one thing this debut had made clear, it is that Always Never are already masters at creating an inescapable vibe that seeps into every one of their tracks and stays with you long after everything is said and done.  

Listen to Always Never below: