Alyssa Frost’s Debut Will Give You All of the Winter Feels


Winter is coming, and Alyssa Frost is giving us all of the cozy feels on her dreamy debut. While the folk-pop singer/songwriter's first song may make you want to curl up by the fire with with your significant other, it also may hit you so hard that you'll question everything about your relationship. Yeah, this song is good. 

Frost's new single, a duet with fellow artist Brett Connally, tells the story of two people who attempt to drown out their feelings of melancholy and loneliness with one another, and contains the thought-provoking chorus, "Let me be lonely with you." It's a lyric that may not make sense to us at first glance. It may feel unnatural. Why would we feel lonely when we're with someone else, especially a person we love the most? But if we reflect on the lyric, we might find that it may be true in our relationship. Maybe there's a disconnect and no matter how much we may want to fix it, we know it's not right, and yet we hold onto the thought of being with that person again. Frost, who hails from Austin, TX, shares the story behind "Let Me Be" and her interpretation of the line below: 

"When I was seventeen I wrote a poem about someone that was a lone wolf, which sparked the idea of being lonely with someone else. Three years later, I found the poem in an old journal and wanted to use recent experiences to give it new life. I think about 'Let Me Be' in a different light now. The song kind of reflects on a relationship where someone can feel like your entire world, but at the end of the day you still feel lonely when you're together. The relationship is never full or fulfilling. I also really enjoy the idea it could even be about two single people who use one another to smother their loneliness. I think it could mean something different to everyone."

While it may sound like a somber topic for a song, Frost flawlessly tackles it with a sense of hope and whimsy. Backed by a banjo, violin, and guitar, Alyssa tells her story with fresh pop lyricism, and while there's no visual for the song yet, "Let Me Be" is transporting, allowing listeners an atmospheric experience to imagine the story all on their own. 

While this may be her debut single, Frost isn't entirely new to the music scene. She was featured Brooklyn-based electro-pop artist Leach's 2016 album Millennial Spirituals, which received wide praise in the Austin area. She also released a cover of "City Of Stars" from the popular film La La Land, which has garnered over 200K streams. Frost is now focusing on crafting her own music, and is currently writing and recording her EP. It is set to be released in early 2018.