Ama Lou Unveils Another Politically-Charged Single, “Lost My Home”


London born Ama Lou continues a compelling streak of unafraid lyricism and languid vocals on her latest release "Lost My Home."

Produced by NYC duo Likeminds, "Lost My Home" meshes Lou's political qualms with personal feelings of separation. Lou comments on the release, "I was in New York at the time, didn't have anywhere to stay, was couch surfing in between studio sessions. I also picked up on the feelings surrounding the refugee crisis and Brexit and the tension that America was feeling about the election and made it personal."  

Although Lou is merely 18 years old, the North London born chanteuse isn't one to shy away from heavy hitting topics. Her debut single "TBC" addressed the tragedy of Eric Garner's death with poignancy far beyond her age. Lou approaches her activism with unapologetic and straightforward lyricism, two traits which keep her so forward thinking. Keep Lou on your radar in the upcoming year for more of her androgynous style and soulful voice.