Amber Mark Debuts Old School R&B Single, “Put You On” Feat. DRAM


We fell in love with Amber Mark for her tribal-tinged R&B jams and breathtakingly personal lyricism. The young songstress exudes both modesty and confidence, winning the affection of fans and critics alike with her debut EP, 3:33am. She's back with a surprisingly old school R&B banger, "Put You On," which features DRAM. The sound of the single is a departure from her previous releases, but one that flaunts her versatility as an artist.

The song opens with a verse from DRAM, who states his shock at seeing an old flame for this first time in years. Mark hits the track like the soulful queen that she is, detailing her "glow up" with the mention of newfound private jets and Gucci clothes. She belts out,

"Oh let me put you on, show you my glow up. I wanna see your face, you should come pull up."


Though an Uber pool ride might be a more accurate mode of transportation than a private jet for most of us, the message of this song is one to which we can all relate. She sings of missed connections from the past that never really came to fruition until years later, both parties keeping that person alive in the back of their mind as they went in and out of relationships. The same principle applies to Mark's artistry, as she has stayed true to herself through the massive successes brought by her 2017 debut. Her new sound is different, fresh and fun, all the while keeping the soulful depth that sent her career into orbit at the focal point of her music.

Bump "Put You On" as you're getting ready for your next outing, and keep your mind open to that one person you've never quite gotten over.