Aminé and Kehlani Unite for a Summer Anthem on “Heebiejeebies”


Aminé, the 23-year-old rapper who made an explosive entrance with his debut single "Caroline," is back at it again with Kehlani for an instantly-pleasing fusion of R&B, rap, and mesmerizing production. "Heebiejeebies" sees Aminé making full use of Kehlani's R&B leanings to draw him into new and welcomed territory.

Kehlani and Aminé riff off one another effortlessly in such a natural way that immediately lends the song an air of fresh and playful levity. Duets can often fall short through not fully employing the skillset of its two players, but this is not the case on "Heebiejeebies." On their own verses, Amine and Kehlani fully leverage each other's respective genres and strengths to showcase what a striking blend R&B and rap can be.

The particularly exemplary moments, however, come about when the two join together in an electrifying swell for the chorus. Fully aware of the exhilarating nature of these stand out moments, the production follows suit exceptionally well, surging to match the intensity of these two young talents. For Aminé, it seems like stopping at just one smash hit simply was not enough, as "Heebiejeebies" is an easy contender for this year's summer anthem.

Listen to "Heebiejeebies" below and keep up with Aminé on Ones To Watch.