Anna Clendening Faces Unreciprocated Love With “Invisible”


Anna Clendening is beside herself, as she can't seem to be noticed by her crush on her new single and video for "Invisible." The pop singer-songwriter teams up with Zelda Williams to highlight this unwavering feeling of confusion and rejection when you start to fall in love.

"Invisible" captures the essence of feeling ignored. There's so much to unpack with lines like "I'm in love with someone who doesn't know I exist," and "Will you ever see what you do to me?," that it's almost like living this uncomfortable situation yourself. The video paints the ideal scenario of being with the person you love, but also conveys how that feeling of bliss is constantly interrupted by lack of appreciation. Though actions may seem loving and obvious, some people just walk this Earth oblivious to signs and, furthermore, take advantage of another's actions. Clendening is making sure she's on everyone's level, saying:

"'Invisible' is an anthem for all the people out there who are in love with someone who they are basically invisible to. It's a situation I think we are ALL too familiar with, especially myself."

"Invisible" plays upon the idea that love can be one-sided; though one person may be overwhelmed with emotion, the other gets to live life unaware and unaffected by the feelings of someone else. When you're falling head over heels, everything action is with the intent of being noticed by the other person and, hopefully, gives you insight to their feelings in return. I guess that's one way to interpret the saying, "love is blind."

Plus, we managed to get out hands on this "making-of" clip of Clendening and Williams below: