Appreciate Each Moment in the Present with Joe Marson’s New Single, “Here With Me”


It's quite fitting that a song about disconnecting from the digital world we live in contains all real, physical instruments. "Here With Me," Joe Marson's new single, has a nostalgic feel to it that brings us back to the days when our lives weren't so consumed by the screens in front of us. Marson reveals,

"'Here With Me' is a song about trying to be present in the digital age. If you are 'here with me' physically, then be 'here with me' all the way - emotionally, consciously, spiritually or what have you. I am guilty of phone/screen addiction as well and hoped to write a mantra for myself and others in regard to this modern-day phenomenon."

"Here With Me" features a pop/rock sound that brings out the sense of sentiment and liberation Marson aims for. His soulful, gritty voice is complemented by an electric guitar and gospel-esque background vocals that likewise reinforce the positive vibes. Marson's lyrics express freedom from the way in which electronics can consume us, singing in the second verse, "Spent six years in my own prison cell, but now I'm free/The feeling's so sweet." The drum fill leading up into the chorus builds up anticipation for release from this confinement. Once at the chorus, Marson asks of us, "So if you're here with me/Be here with me." Being physically present isn't enough, and "Here With Me" asks us to be in the moment in terms of all other aspects. The track is highly dynamic in its production; the second verse picks up in comparison to the first, but the chorus is actually a little more minimal, lending to the sonic and lyrical journey that Marson takes us on.

Marson is a free-spirited artist with an inherent love for making music. He refers to his music as "electric soul magic" and has been writing and singing about all of his experiences ever since he was young. His music has a timeless quality to it that is able to connect past influences with present phenomena. Marson's work can be heard in major films like Marvel’s Deadpool as well as popular television series like FX’s Justified and Netflix’s Bloodline.

Marson will be playing a free - yes, free - show tonight (Oct. 18) at Harvard and Stone at 10:30pm. Take advantage of the opportunity to hear him live, and stream "Here With Me" below: