Argonaut&Wasp Take The Rolling Stones’ “Beast of Burden” From Classic Rock to Funky Indie

If you're a die hard fan, your initial inclination might be to brush off any artist who chooses to cover the legends that are The Rolling Stones. Here's what we have to say to that: give this one a chance, and you just might find yourself becoming adding another band to your die-hard list. 

If you've heard any of argonaut&wasp's songs, you know that the Brooklyn-based band boasts an indie dance sound that's hard to resist. With funky '80s-esque electronic guitar, bright synth-laced melodies, and Trey Schibli's breezy vocals, they've been floating on our radar since "Stranger Lover" came out over a year ago. Their "Beast of Burden" cover is no different; in the guys' own words, "Our cover speaks to the themes of the original record, but we did our best to give it a "dance" upgrade."