Aries Chases Feelings and the Next Wave of Hip-Hop in “RACECAR” Video


Producer, singer and rapper Aries is quickly proving to be our favorite discovery of 2018. The enigmatic artist doesn't give away much in terms of who he is or where he comes from, but his music and videos speak loudly enough for himself. With a near-perfect amalgamation of hip-hop production, emotionally-ridden vocal delivery, experimental artistry, and internet culture, Aries is quickly racing past his cohorts.

"RACECAR," the latest from ARIES, follows along the ongoing trend of fusion together elements of late-stage emo and hip-hop but retains a distinctive sense of originality. Perhaps, it has to do with how much of Aries can be felt throughout both the song and its video accompaniment. Dancing to the best of his ability in a green screen-fueled and animated world of his own creation, as no point does it ever feel like Aries is chasing clout or the mainstream perception of what a rap star should look like. In adhering to a style that is uniquely his own, Aries is ironically cementing himself as an artist more people than ever can find a sense of familiarity in.  

Sonically, "RACECAR" demonstrates all the known and to-be-expected elements of what makes an Aries track feel like such an instant hit. As skilled a producer as he is as a vocalist, the underlying track is meticulously put together and rife with subtle production details, such as the revving of guitar engines and the sound of wheels drifting. Despite the polish surrounding "RACECAR," it's hard not to think of the entire project as just unquestionably fun. It's a simple concept but one that feels like it has been sorely lacking from music as of late.  Thankfully, we have ARIES.

Watch the video for "RACECAR" below: