Armors Will Become A Name To Remember With “Name”


There's a certain soft spot for alternative songs that manage to hit all the right chords–chant-like, emotionally-laden choruses, a fulfilling explosive crescendo, and the power to stick. Armors' "Name" manages to hit all those chords, while adding a personal flair to the genre. Armors is the Orange County-based trio that is poised to become a memorable name in the alternative scene.

"Name" pulls no punches when it comes to how openly expressive it is in its emotional sincerity. From its elaborate melodies to its impassioned choruses, every moment of "Name" feels like the universal experience of getting knocked down and losing hope, yet finding strength from within these moments of hardship. The lyrical strength of "Name" is only elevated further by Ryan Sparker's (Weezer, Killer Mike) production and the band's knack for experimenting with the genre. Armors incorporates elements typically reserved for electronic music and R&B to craft their own distinctive take on alternative.

After repeated listens, "Name" never loses a trace of its original explosiveness or sincerity. From the first to the twentieth listen and beyond, it rings out tried and true like alternative anthems before it–all while carving out its own space.